About Cryn

CrynI came to Yoga when I was 50 years old – stiff, full of arthritis and in the pits of depression.  It slowly and surely turned my world around.   Yoga has given me tremendous joy and a pleasure in the freedom of my body I never thought possible.   It has sustained me through illness, major surgery and personal loss, career changes and divorce.

The desire to share benefits like these led me to train as a teacher.

I graduated in 2008 after an intense three year course  with the Inner Yoga Trust, feeling at home with their profound, intuitive and personal approach.

Life experiences help inform my teaching,  including  life drawing as a student, working with actors and singers while making their costumes,  rearing four children, making clothes for those with physical and/or mental restrictions which make ‘normal’ clothes a problem for them, and designing and making wedding dresses.

I have taught people from all walks of life, and in all sorts of places.

Teaching in small groups and particularly teaching one to one gives me the greatest satisfaction, and can lead to the the most profound outcome for the student.

As well as teaching from my own experience and intuition, I draw inspiration from many wonderful teachers I have had the fortune to study with, and continue to study with.    These include those with expertise in sounding, chanting, anatomy, myofascial release and Yoga Nidra.

I would like to acknowledge, amongst many others,

Cathy Louise Broda who started me off with a smile and a joyful attitude   www.purpleyoga.com

Jacqui Brookes who gave me the space to grow and encouraged me to train as a teacher   www.yogawithjacqui.co.uk

Jenny Beeken and Pauline Sawyer guided my learning as a teacher   www.inneryoga.org.uk

Maarten Vermaase  introduced me to Kum Nye – Tibetan Yoga Healing Exercises   www.thranguhouse.org.uk

Various tutors from Kinesis UK  www.anatomytrains.co.uk   and Mary Bond www.healyourposture.com   expanded my knowledge of anatomy.

Diane Long shows me I can explore for myself without the constraints of formal asanas. www.dianelongyoga.com

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli has revolutionised my ways of seeing and experiencing the bodywww.wombyoga.org

Uma and her husband Nirlipta Tuli have opened up the wonderful healing world of Yoga Nidra for me.   www.yoganidranetwork.org

Judith Hanson Lasater for her understanding of how important relaxation is to body and soul.  http://www.judithhansonlasater.com

Doug Keller for his ability to bring the insights of miofascial connections to the body in the yoga studio.   https://www.doyoga.com/


All the many wonderful students who it has been my privilege to teach along the way.