Yoga Nidra

Now cutting edge scientific research is endorsing the effects of this ancient practice, it is becoming increasingly used by professionals in many varied areas including military personnel returning from active service and children who find difficulty in school, mothers in childbirth and long term prisoners, to name a few.  Personally I find it supports everyday life in this busy metropolis and the various ups and downs which form part of a normal life experience.


A chance to revive and nurture yourself in a very profound way, Yoga Nidra is a practice which allows for deep relaxation.

The mind is kept occupied so it can stop its relentless chatter and give you some respite.

Yoga Nidra has the potential to be the most healing of all the Yoga practices. It is ‘adaptogenic’,  which means you will get from it what you need, each time you do it.

No physical movements are necessary.  The body is invited to be really comfortable so enabling it to restore and heal itself.

 A chance to take quality time out for yourself.  Come and enjoy.


Although all Cryn’s classes and workshops have a Yoga Nidra component, a dedicated class is even better!


Yoga Nidra Classes

Please contact me if a dedicated class is of interest to you.

Dao forming from pebbles.

Dao forming from pebbles.

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