NEW – Starting in February, 2022 –

In person Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra at the wonderful Pranaspace in Stratford, a short walk from both Stratford and Maryland stations.  Thursday evenings at 7.30 till 9.                                                Booking via https://legitfit.com/t/pranaspace


More than ever we need the grounding, reassurance, strength, resilience, relief and other qualities which yoga can provide.  There are many good teachers out there who teach fast, energetic, strong yoga, which have their place in strengthening the body. 

What I offer is a chance to recalibrate body, mind and emotions by activating the part of the brain which allows for rest, relaxation and healing.  The effects can be profound. And you don’t need to be supple, or have done yoga before, or have any special equipment or clothing. Just a place to be comfortable and as safe as you can manage. 

Since March 2020 I have been delivering Yoga Nidra online as, to me, the most effective way of giving folk a respite from the everyday anxieties of the pandemic. 

You can find me on Facebook watch, @crynyoga.

‘Just wanted to let you know how special these yoga Nidra sessions have been, especially at such a difficult time. I have looked forward to them so much every day and really have been one of the best parts of my day’  –  Jackie, 

Contact me with your email for more details. You’d be so very welcome.

Life in these times is super stressful. In response I aim to teach in a manner which helps dissolve the effects of the stresses and traumas which surround you. It is suitable for all.

Whether you wish to start or restart yoga practice – have a look on the class pages to find more information about the sort of classes I teach.   If you are interested in an all-woman class, and/ or a class for a small group of family and friends, then please do make contact.

I believe passionately in the healing power of yoga, having seen for myself how transformative a yoga practice can be, both in myself and in others. 

A class will typically include a Yoga Nidra and then some yoga postures working with your body how it is on the day –  rather than to any pre-conceived shape or result.   Then we gradually calm the breath and tame the mind with restorative poses.  And yes, we have fun on the way.

‘Cryn’s yoga is special. Extremely gentle and non-threatening, but deep and valuable at the same time. Thank you.’   (Helen)

All classes have a Yoga Nidra component  – the best relaxation there is.   If you are interested in Yoga Nidra in the workplace please contact me.

‘Restores equilibrium in my life, physically and emotionally. Unknots all the tensions.’  (Martin) 

Each and every class is tailored to the participants and how they are on that day.    I use a variety of approaches to posture work, and integrate breath awareness, simple anatomy, yoga philosophy, and basic meditation, as and when appropriate, all in a ‘relaxing, non-intimidating, fun environment’.

 ‘The atmosphere in the class is definitely the nicest I’ve ever been to in yoga before.’  (Bree)


A chance to explore yoga in more depth, workshops can have a profound effect on your practice.  Message to find out when the next one will be.