Do you feel the urge to get away from it all? Maybe you yearn to just be, to have time to yourself.

Jess from Eternal Landscapes and Cryn from crynyoga have created a 12 day experience which invites you to do both.

Welcome to ‘Find Yourself in Mongolia’ 14 – 25 June 2020.

Over the 12 days we will travel deep into the Mongolian countryside. There will be a variety of activities, and yoga will run as a reassuring thread throughout.

Mongolia is likely to challenge you and take you way out of your comfort zone. It will also expand you horizons on many levels. The Yoga will help assimilate this rich experience, and bring you safely back home to yourself.

You can be as involved as you would like to be in the activities arranged on each day and in the yoga sessions. It will be a real chance to have time out of your everyday life, to see the most amazing country, meet remarkable people and partake of yoga techniques especially geared to help stresses and strains fade away. Suitable also for beginners.

This is a unique offer especially for my yoga friends and associates and is at a special introductory price. There will be a maximum of 6 participants, so truly individual attention is assured.

If you are interested please contact Jess or Cryn before ‘Find Yourself in Mongolia’ is offered to the general public in the autumn.