Using a variety of approaches to posture work, and integrating breath awareness, simple anatomy, yoga philosophy, and basic meditation, I adapt each and every class to who is in it and how they are on that day.  Every class has a Yoga Nidra component.  There are also dedicated Yoga Nidra classes, Restorative Yoga classes and Women’s classes.

‘Let’s start with how your body is now……’


Classes are mostly in Upton Park, London, E13 0QF, but are occasionally in other venues. You can also arrange to have a class in your own home.

Please contact for days, times and prices.

Mats, blankets and other props are provided, but do bring your own if you prefer.

Wear clothes you can move in comfortably.

It is best not to eat for at least two hours beforehand, but a small piece of fruit or similar can be eaten if needed.

Yoga is usually practised in bare feet.

Cryn’s yoga classes have helped me to release stress and relax through postures and breathing meditation.    (Rupinder Lotay)

 ‘I have found the yoga exercises very beneficial. One goes at one’s own pace – and it’s fun!’   D (aged 70)

Upcoming Workshops:

Please make contact to find out if there are any workshops planned.

Oak tree in Bushy park

Oak tree in Bushy Park